The Loafer

Thou shalt nary leave ye loafers at home hath thou can take them out thy sir!

Either you’re a hippie wanting to channel the tribal look, or just wanna walk in the shoes of Hugh Heffner to see hows life like that; loafers is the right choice of comfort wear to look classy/cool. Reveal your inner loyal with these amazing vintage finds:

1) Salvatore Ferragamo Charm Loafers – Auction ( sp $9.99)

2) Skimmer Gold Studs Black Suede Loafers (80s) – $24.00

3) Woven Tapestry Kilim Slip On Loafers – $85.00

4) Needlepoint Embroidered Red Suede Flats (80s) – $24.00

5) Suede Royal Blue Loafers – $30.00

6) Tapestry Cream Floral Loafers (90s) – $26.60

7) Red Velvet Loafers with Golden Heels (80s) – $34.00

8) Ralph Lauren Brocade Slipper Shoes – $46.00



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