Put on your hat, get on the cherokee, take out your binoculars, hold on to your whip and whapppaaa you are the king of the wild. Ok so the whappaa was a bit of an Indiana Jones / Joey effect but who can blame me, he is the biggest reference and influence to the safari trend (Indiana Jones, not Joey. Joey is just an influence on my life). Heck he (still, Indiana) ruined it for all the fedora hats, khaki shirts and military jackets all over the world.

Anyways, since you are going to get so dirty out there “safaring”, you won’t need any preppyness. Instead here are the perfect vintage pieces for you that would suit both the occasion and the eye. (Don’t forget to team them up with red anything – belts, bags, lips..)

1) Cream Wool High Waisted Pleated Trousers (80s) – $49.95

2) Khaki Fishtail Mini/Maxi Skirt Dress (80s) – $68.00

3) Ecru Kimono Sleeve Draped Avant Garde Coat (90s) – $42.00

4) Ralph Lauren High Waisted Wool Trousers (80s) – $59.99

5) V Draped Burlap Earthy Mini Dress (80s) – $62.00

6) Beige Wool High Waisted Shorts (80s) – $40.00

7) Beige Layered Skort – $29.20

8) Light Beige Safari Collar Waist Tie Summer Mini Dress (80s) – Auction (sp $20.65)

9) Neutral Maxi Skirt – $20.00

10) Two Tone Preppy Beige Collared Sleeveless Dress – $39.30

11) Silk Short Sleeve Pant Suit (80s) – $42.00



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