Put a Ring On It


One of the biggest disappointments in life is the inevitable back flip from the rebel teenager you screaming out “Nobody’s Wife” and the grown-up you checking out engagement rings and wedding gowns online. It is only worse if you haven’t even been proposed yet, but you feel the urge to look around just to be “prepared” when the time comes. As a matter of fact I still am not a princess type of girl – I don’t visualize my own dream wedding and I don’t dream of puffy romantic moments. (Dreaming of getting married in an Elie Saab doesn’t count!) But recent incidents have led me on to thinking about it a little more than usual.

My cousin proposed to his girlfriend last week, and because I am moving to Canada next month (yes, another exciting announcement) they are going to make the celebrations at the end of December. Speaking of Canada, I am (probably) going to get married soon as well, to my boyfriend of 6 years. None of these developments were expected, so I found myself helping out my cousin with the details as well as trying to plan how I would do my wedding if I actually have to do it abroad.


When I was helping him out to pick out the perfect ring, I actually had the chance to explore my options as well. It was really hard to find a ring that is elegant, simple, precious and not over the odds at the same time. They were either too ornamented, hilariously jazzy, extremely expensive or – as Phoebe would say it –like a gumball machine looking ring.

That was the moment I swooped in with my internet addiction and found a website for all the crazy future brides and grooms. Buckle up because I am going to save some of your lives now: 77 Diamonds is a website that you can design your own wedding / engagement ring. From classic to contemporary or vintage bands; white gold, gold, rose gold or platinum options; princess cuts to round or heart shaped diamonds and trilogies, you can chose EVERYTHING up to carat, color, clarity and the PRICE! Did you even know that there were SO MANY OPTIONS?! I was completely clueless.


To sum up; the thin line between not showing off and having a nice and warm wedding that you will always remember is barely visible. It is hard for you and for everybody else around you, and quite pricy I might say. However, for the first time in my life I am not revolting at the concept and enjoying myself. The key is to make choices that you are comfortable with, not what or how other people would expect. (I just hope I haven’t scared my boyfriend with this post yet, its too early for him to flee.) (If not I want a round cut, platinum ring baby, thanks.)



Source: http://www.thefashionmedley.com/2012/12/10/put-a-ring-on-it/

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