Thanks to Marc Jacobs (again) this season you can transfer the chic to cocktail chic with just one simple overskirt. The peplum not just highlights the thin waistline but also makes your thighs looks fitter than the usual skinny/pencil skirt does.

First used in ancient greece, the peplum made its debut in the fashion scene around 40s, giving women a sexy hourglass figure without putting so much out there. The second appearence was around 80s, but this time used to create dramatic effects. Now, after 30 years, the peplum can be defined as an object of desire for the fetish look.

While there are so many alternatives for this look on the shelves of the rusty -cyber- wardrobes, I here picked the ones that would fit best with the ongoing trends.

1) Electric Blue Cocktail Dress (80s) – $39.00

2) Black Peplum Cocktail Dress with Velvet Bodice (80s) – $39.00

3) Static Jungle Print Peplum Dress (80s) – $48.00

4) Snake Print Mini Dress (reconstructed vintage) – $130.00

5) Floral Peplum Mini Skirt (80s) – $14.00



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