Put the G back in the glam and start shining like you’re a big fat disco ball in the 80s. From foil to brocade, lame to dore, the metal is rising again for the past 4 seasons with all its glory.

Here are some pieces that would make you the queen on the floor, sun on the sky, or basically anything that is sparkly and glamourous.

1) Lurex Stripe Top (60s) – £25.00

2) Metallic Gold Leather High Waisted Midi Skirt (80s) – £55.00

3) Lurex Gold Top (80s) – £14.00

4) Gold Lame Blouse (80s) – $35.00

5) Black Gold Spotted Blazer (80s) – £35.00

6) YSL Gold Lame Leather Skirt (70s) – $425.00

7) Christian Dior Metallic Copper Batwing Mini Romper (80s) – Auction (sp $9.99)



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