Message In A Bottle

floral wedding decor with bottles6floral wedding decor with bottles12The idea of using old bottles and jars (or even bulbs) as a decoration object rather than a pragmatic container of cold water or jam was under favour of our loving moms; reviving the window bays and tables (since nineteen god knows when). The fact that it’s so original and (at least looks) costless made it a hipster favourite and it probably was the summit of the ultimate rustic wedding. If you have a vintage bottle hanging from somewhere with flowers or candles in it (vintage writings and ribbons are bonus) then your wedding is pre-stylemepretty-approved. This was one of the things I went bridezilla for yet couldn’t fit into our wedding theme, I have a chip on my shoulder about this and I’m afraid our future home will be mistaken for a recovering alcoholic’s.

floral wedding decor with bottles9floral wedding decor with bottles2floral wedding decor with bottles4floral wedding decor with bottles11floral wedding decor with bottles5wedding decor with bottles and candles2floral wedding decor with bottlesfloral wedding decor with bottles13floral wedding decor with bottles14floral wedding decor with silver bottleswedding decor with bottles and candlesfloral wedding decor with bottles7image sources: oncewed, style me pretty, pinterest, miss moss



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