Lash Out

56b8e1033d498ce07d63d37a50bc35e5lashes I wish I was one of those people who can create make up tutorials that women would go gaga over, but unfortunately I am the one who keeps strolling the internet to find some tips. I know not everyone is born equally lucky when it comes to perfect skin, almond eyes, fleshy lips, a retrousse nose, impeccable cheeckbones and snow white smooth under eyes. But as womankind, we have something to be thankful for all our lives: the socially acceptable ability (or even obligation) to put on make up!

I know it sucks to spend 20 minutes of your precious morning time (time which you can spend sleeping – that’s how precious it is) and it’s a complete oxymoron to try looking like you have no make up on. So as a compromise; I suggest loading up on mascara. Just put the proper foundation if you need any, add a peachy blush & neutral lip gloss and let your lashes do all the talking for you.

I personally have used various mascaras in the past, but since I only want definite split lashes I use silicone brushes only. My very last weapon of choice is MAC Studio Fix Boldblack Lash (boldblack is just to give a little more drama). If you want them to be thicker and more theatrical, I can suggest Lancôme Hypnose or Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils (both are awarded products btw). My knowledge of make up can only lead me up to this point in this post; I am open to all kinds of other make up tricks – let’s enlighten each other!

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