Fancy Collars

I don’t know why it took designers so long to comprehend that collars, as well as cuffs and hemlines, can be perfectly salient, especially considering it was one of the major accessories once upon a time. Mostly made up of rabbit fur or pearl beads, seperate collars were used to glam up the outfits. Given that collars are such important features so that it can define the tone of the whole garment; such as peter pan collar is deemed sweet whereas crew neck is strong and confident. And there is the Lagerfeld collar but I’m not going to into the whole thing.

After designers like Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada took advantage of this little dude and started a major trend last season (strictly followed by Zara this season), the rest has just snowballed; separate collars, metal collar necklaces, metal caps, chainmail collars, leather, beaded, sequinned…the list goes on and on.

All the street style photographers had to opt for their micro lenses to capture the collar details this fashion month since all the bling fling were happening around the necks. Here are some options; both attached and separate, if you want to be a part of this neck party:

1) Marni Floral Collar – €100.00

2) ZARA Blouse with Sequinned Collar – $79.90

3) ZARA Rhinestone Brocade Collar – TRY 59.95

4) Black Collar with Jewels, Swallows and Pearls – €45.00

5) Vintage 1960’s Black Cocktail Dress with Sequin Collar and Cuffs – $65.00

6) Vintage 1910’s French Metallic Collar – $250.00

7) Tibi Blouse with Removable Collar – $280.00

8) Vintage 1980’s Ornate Tuxedo Hem Oversized Blouse with Sequinned Collar – Auction (current price $20.50)

9) Vintage 1960’s Mink Fur Collar Stole – $35.00

10) Chunky Bib Chain Collar Necklace with Silver Metal Bow – $125.00

11) Vintage 1950’s Peach and Gray Beaded Collar – $32.00

12) Marc Jacobs Daisy Blouse – €596.00

13) Brass Peter Pan Collar Bib Necklace with Crystals – $68.00



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