Before Sunset


BONLOOK Russian Doll Turtle Sunglasses

ASOS Velvet Cat Eye Sunglasses

Ksubi Skeleton Sunglasses in Black

Raen Arkin Sunglasses

Choies Ridge Hollow Out Cat Eye Sunglasses


It was a specific rainy labour day and the fact that there is a huge tree infront of our window blocking the entrance of any ray of light made me realise that summer is officially over. I wasn’t particularly sad, since spring and autumn are my favourite seasons and I’m not a fan or hot or cold weather; but the thought of not being able to wear sunglasses everyday made me mourn a little. Especially more when I saw that adorable Karen Millen add with that incredible little ginger girl whom I can’t imagine how gorgeous will be in the future. There’s no way I can look as cool as her but still, a girl has to cover her make up free eyes and dark under eye circles. And it’s amazing to see how many different options they have out there, considering I’m having a hard time even choosing something different to eat everyday. Let’s go down the road of sunglass hall of fame…

karen millen sunglasses

BONLOOK Russian Doll Olive Sunglasses

A.OK Conor Sunglasses in Smoke

AJ Morgan Badiwad Cateye Sunglasses

Choies Tipped Round Sunglasses

Pixie Market Houndstooth Sunglasses

THIERRY LASRY Black & White Slutty 29 Sunglasses


Choies New Look Double Frames Sunglasses In Green

A.OK James Sunglasses in Brushed Black

BONLOOK J'adore Tortoise Sunglasses

BONLOOK La Marquise Crystal Sand

Thierry Lasry Virginity Sunglasses

sunglasses6image sources: pinterest, karen millen



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