70’s Soul: Scarf Print & Paisley

After being the signature print of 70s and years of Etro domination, scarf print & paisley pattern boomed again last season appearing and playing the lead at collections of minimalism fortresses such as Celiné and Jil Sander, this time appealing to a larger audience than ethnic hippies.

First preferred to be paired with plain shirts or trousers, this season reached its peak when used on pyjama suits. Here are some options for a blast from the past:

1) Pastel Paisley Pleated Secretary Dress (70s) – $18.90

2) Blue and Green Silky Paisley Printed Top (80s) – $17.00

3) Metallic Paisley Maxi Skirt (70s) – $100.00

4) Navy Boho Ethnic Angel Sleeve Kaftan Tunic (70s) – $86.00

5) Blue Paisley Boho Trousers (70s) – $40.00

6) Maroon Scarf Print Sheer Dress (70s) – $21.00

7) Floral and Paisley High Waist Denim Shorts (90s) – $22.00

8) Ethnic Scarf Plunging Draped Hippie Midi Dress (70s) – Auction (sp $14.99)

9) Jewel Tone Paisley Silk Wrapped Skirt (80s) – $38.00

10) Paisley Button Up Blouse – $15.00

11) Pleated Angel Sleeve Paisley Print Palazzo Jumpsuit (70s) – $42.00


Source: http://www.thefashionmedley.com/2012/01/22/70s-soul-scarf-print-paisley/

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