By the first weekend of school every girl starts to realize there are just some things you can’t leave your dorm without. You must be on point from top to bottom all night long. We have all the essentials every girl needs for a night out, and where to get them right here.

4 Things Every Girl Needs for a Night out

This is your best friend for the whole night. When you think it’s gone missing it feels like your heart is about to fall right out of your chest. Your life is in here. Don’t lose it.

Express                                                                                Forever 21

No one wants to feel like their lips are a cactus all night. Especially if you find someone who doesn’t want to feel like they’re being pricked in the lips.

Sephora                                                                                Walmart


You’re dancing all night long and sometimes things get a little sweaty – or a lot sweaty. That’s when these come in handy.

Target                                                                             e.l.f. Cosmetics


And after you’re done blotting the sweat away, sometimes little blemishes like to make themselves appear. Make them disappear with some cover-up.


e.l.f. Cosmetics                                                            Sephora

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