Unique Hair Colors You will Want to Try

Wanna change your look? How about a new and unique hair color that will bring you a fresh style? If you have long hair you know that hair color is as important as the haircut maybe much more… So it would be wise to choose an appealing haircut that will flatter your skin tone and your facial features.

Ombre is the most popular hair trend for women and it gets really versatile if you want to renew your ombre or it is the first time, you need to make sure that your ombre is nicely blended and looks natural. You can go with lighter shades like blonde or other hair color like gray, pink or red would be a nice choice as ombre color. Pastel hair colors are still in trends and they add a really modern and cool style to girls who want to look unique and chic at the same time. Natural hair color shades are very trendy lately so light brunette or dark blonde hair color with highlights can be a good idea for women with medium to light skin tones.

1. Ombre Long Hair Color

Long Hair Colors

2. Long Hairstyle Pale Blue Color

Long Hairstyles Colors

3. Multi Colors for Long Hair

Colors for Long Hair

4. Best Ash Blonde Ombre Long Hair Color

Best Long Hair Colors

5. Mermaid Colored Long Hairstyle

Colored Long Hairstyles


Long Hair Colors-6


Long Hair Colors-7


Long Hair Colors-8


Long Hair Colors-9


Long Hair Colors-10


Long Hair Colors-11


Long Hair Colors-12


Long Hair Colors-13


Long Hair Colors-14


Long Hair Colors-15


Long Hair Colors-16


Long Hair Colors-17


Long Hair Colors-18


Long Hair Colors-19


Long Hair Colors-20

Unique Hair Colors You will Want to Try

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