Red Hot Tomato

marilyn monroe red nailstomato red nails4tomatoredI don’t know if you’d believe me when I say that the last time I put on red nail polish was approximately 5 years ago (excluding  burgundy). My eternal riot against obvious sexiness has led me to abandon any kind of traditional beauty routine: red nails, long or perfectly coiffed hair, 700 layers of foundation that will make your skin look flawless and so on… Don’t get me wrong though, I have more than 30 mini bottles sitting on shelf – with a color range varying from mint to white, black to orange, neon yellow to coral and burgundy to purple. There were only three things missing: glitter, pearlescent and red. I said were because of course I gave in several days ago, after seeing red spots (tomato red, to be more accurate) everywhere: runway, street style, topshop zine, vogue etc. I wasn’t ready to pe into a massive pile of choices so instead of going to Sephora or OPI, I simply bought a tomato red nail polish from Urban Outfitters, right when I was about to reach the cash point. There’s a reason it’s called an impulse buy.

Now I don’t know why I dismissed it all these years; to be fair it does look good and especially with the tomato shade, it speaks to my hipster side as well. Let’s give credit where it’s due: with black, white, neutral, emerald green, gray and leopard – nothing beats the pop of red.

tomato red nails3red nails harpers bazaartomato red nails2red nailsred nails leopardNARS Opaque Nail Polish in Dovima – $19.00

American Apparel Nail Polish in Poppy – $6.00

Chanel Le Vernis in Coromandel – $27.00

Essie Nail Polish in Russian Roulette – $8.00

MAC Nail Lacquer in Ablaze – $19.00

Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Trafalgar – $24.00

Yves Saint Laurent LA LAQUE COUTURE Nail Lacquer in Rouge N Pop Art / vibrant red – $25.00

H&M Nail Polish in Orange/Lindalicious – $5.95

image sources: pinterest, into the gloss, topshop zine, vogue



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