Pumped Up Lips

7ff95ee1814895ce9bbf0e75c306a315f31015897aef49b7e5e6a51b21ba08aalips2The only thing regarding make-up that people have come over and asked for my counsel in history is the brand and colors of my lipsticks. Since I have low eyelids I can not use eye shadow, I never have. So my make up is either just eyeliner or eyeliner with a red lipstick. My first ever red lipstick was (and it still is my favourite for sure) MAC’s Ruby Woo – which by now the whole world knows since they made a special edition of Ruby Woo with Rihanna and named it Riri Woo (which of course got sold out in hours). Its matte texture and rich color is unequalled; I get so nervous that they are going to discontinue it that everytime I hit downtown I stop by a MAC store to see if they still have it. I admit I kept the name of the lipstick a secret for a long time but somehow it got out in the open. It was my baby and now I’m sad. I’m really dialing up the crazy aren’t I?

After my successful attempt at the bold lipstick thing I plucked up courage and started buying my other favourite shades of bright or saturated (but always matte) lipsticks. NARS velvet matte lip pencils and pure matte lipsticks are so good (in every color) that I voluntarily became the spokesperson of NARS between my friends. I’ve also found that Make Up Forever’s matte lipsticks give the most velvety matte effect but they are a little inconvenient to apply. Also for the striking neon look there is KA’OIR cosmetics neon lipsticks – but I’ve never used them nor I know anyone who has so I can not recommend but can only offer it as an option.

Just like our fancier outfits and cheerful heels, let’s all embrace summer with brighter lips but please with a plain eye make up. Both of them at the same time REALLY doesn’t work for anyone.

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