Latest Braided Long Hairstyles for Women

Braided hairstyles are in trends lately and they are suitable for different seasons and many different occasions from weddings to casual street styles. If you have long hair, braids can be really versatile that many women like to sport a new one, especially for special events. French braid is very easy to create and perfect for almost any occasions, double braids are very popular among young women and girls. You can add hair accessories and flowers to your hairdo like the first pic in this gallery. Braids can be added to half updo or down do too. Thin side braids will lead you a rocker chic look immediately. Fishtail braids are also perfect for casual and messy looks that will lead you a bohemian style. Let’s take a look at the latest braided hairstyle ideas for long hair that will make you look really stylish and chic.

1. Fishtail Braided Hairstyle

Braided Hairstyles

2. Half Braided Long Hair

Braided Hair

3. Two Braided Ponytail Hair Style

Braided Hair Styles

4. Side Braided Style

Braided Styles

5. Two Buns Braided Style

Hair Braided


Braided Long Hairstyles-6


Braided Long Hairstyles-7


Braided Long Hairstyles-8


Braided Long Hairstyles-9


Braided Long Hairstyles-10


Braided Long Hairstyles-11


Braided Long Hairstyles-12


Braided Long Hairstyles-13


Braided Long Hairstyles-14


Braided Long Hairstyles-15

Latest Braided Long Hairstyles for Women

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