Good Ol’ Braid

braided bun11braided bun7

blake lively braided bun


jennifer morrison braided bun

drew barrymore braided bun

marykate olsen braided bun

 I feel pretty sure that braids (braided buns, to be more accurate) are THE hair style to try out this summer; everywhere I look I see french braids, waterfall braids, braid crowns, messy braid buns… just to make me feel miserable with my 5 inch hair. It has always been one of the favourites of all womankind though; it gives the ultimate romantic look, it rules out the blandness, a good alternative to tying your hair up / the freak who first seperated her hair in 3 pieces and put one on the other in cross direction was apparently a genious. If you’re one of the lucky few (nutcases who have eyes at the back of their heads), you are able to do these at home and I want to kill you ever since I’m 8. If you’re not, it’s the perfect time to give your coiffeur a hard time; styling a hair that is supposed to look unstyled sends them to hell!

braided bun2

braided bun8

braided bun6

braided bun12

braided bun10

braided bun9

braided bun5

braided bun4

braided bun3

braided bun

braided bun13

image source: (irritating i know but..) pinterest



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