Gliss Hair Repair Comes to Canada



Gliss Hair Repair Comes to Canada

GLISS hair repair line

GLISS hair repair review

One day I’ll curl my hair, the next I’ll blow dry it straight and maybe next week a new color! I love doing creative things to my hair and I never intend on being mean to it, but it always seems to turn out that way. As you can imagine my hair isn’t in the best condition. Daily heat styling and experimenting with color takes a big toll on my hair. Even environmental damage from frequent washing and cold winter temperatures adds to the damage, leaving it dry and brittle. Cutting it has always been my solution, but as I’m trying growing my hair out, It’s so painfully dreadful to chop off the locks that I’ve waited patiently to grow over the last couple months, but I’m so happy know now I have a new alternative.

Newly launched in Canada, GLISS, debuts its innovative hair care line with keratin technology in every single one of their products. They’ve already been in the hair care business for 60 years and a world-renowned for their hair repair line by Schwarzkopf.

What’s makes GLISS so great?

You hair is comprised of 80% keratin, a super strong protein that gives hair its structure, strength and elasticity. When hair becomes damaged, it loses keratin and the structure of the hair becomes weakened resulting in brittleness and breakage. GLISS products contain hair-identical keratin that helps repair the hair from the inside out. The keratin formula helps restore dry hair, reduce breakage, and split ends. And the benefits don’t stop there, in addition to specifically addressing hair repair, their products are broken down into 5 lines that target an additional issue.

The GLISS hair repair line

The five GLISS hair repair formulas are:

  • GLISS Oil Nutritive
  • GLISS Extra Volume
  • GLISS Ultimate Repair
  • GLISS Ultra+ Moisture
  • GLISS Color Guard

My Gliss Hair Repair Journey:

My hair type is fine and straight, with a fair amount of damage from coloring and heat styling. So I’ve been trying out the GLISS Ultimate Hair Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair. This line is designed for heavily damaged hair and contains 3x the amount of liquid keratin for an extra boost. It repairs damaged hair and replaces lost Keratin helping restores the natural texture of your hair. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I can say my hair is noticeably shiny, healthy, and softer. It has a soft honey smell to it and works into a nice lather that leaves my fine hair clean, but not weighted.

GLISS hair repair products are new to Canada and exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart. They’re affordably priced for $9.99 SRP and provide great value for the high quality of their products.  Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try them out!

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