Florence Welch Edition

A dramatic mix of victorian glory, rocker fierceness and grecian elegancy combined with her gorgeous pale skin and red hair, truthfully it is hard to achieve the striking renaissance style of this red carpet queen / Lagerfeld muse.

However; if you are a rabbit hearted girl, or if your dog days are over or (you got it) you are head over heels crazy about Valentino/Givenchy pa Florence Welch’s romantic style, I’ve got the love and the vintage suggestions that you need to see you through.

1) Cream Scallop Lace Boho Goddess Full Skirt Wedding Dress (70s) – $145.00

2) Cream Blush Silky Open Lace Back Wedding Dress – $90.00 (now on sale for $68.00)

3) Cream Sheer Dripping Crochet Romantic Midi Dress (80s) – Auction (sp $9.99)

4) Peach Lace and Silk Dress (20s) – $112.00

5) White Lace Corset Sheer Sleeve Faux Gunne Sax Romantic Wedding Dress (70s) – Auction (sp $19.99)

6) Pale Peach Jersey Draped Cummerbund Dress (70s) – $65.00

7) Ivory Crochet Pleated Dolly Lace Sheer Flowy Floral Scallop Mini Dress (70s) – Auction (current bid $47.00)

8) Victorian Lawn and Lace Wedding Dress – $245.00

9) Peach Polyester Dress (80s) – $29.00

10) Beige and Cream Lace Maxi Dress (80s) – $37.00

11) Ivory Organza Flapper Wedding Dress (20s) – $395.00

12) Cream Sheer Sleeve Lace Chiffon Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress (70s) – $146.00

13) White Lace Beaded Bohemian Flapper Wedding Dress (70s) – $128.00

14) Grecian Lace Dress – OK this isn’t vintage but its so beautiful that had to be put here – £65.00

15) Cream Peach Satin Chiffon Cocktail Dress (60s) – $74.00

And thats Florence Welch in the middle at the annual Academy Awards 2011, wearing a Valentino gown.


Source: http://www.thefashionmedley.com/2012/01/14/florence-welch-edition/

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