Art Deco Movement

Gucci Spring/Summer 2012

Etro Spring/Summer 2012

The Art Deco trend, taking its inpiration from the ancient Egyptian colors and geometric forms (especially triangles), dominated the collections last season, especially when it comes to nighttime dressing up. Various examples were also present on the red carpet, making its debut with Salma Hayek and her gorgeous Gucci gown at the Golden Globes.

The movies went hand in hand with red carpet and runway, Oscar winner The Artist clenched our longing for the gorgeous gowns of 1920’s.

Here are some vintage options right from the heart of the inspiration itself, 1920’s art deco shapes and splendour will return to your wardrobes:

1) 1920’s Lace Lame Flapper – $800.00

2) Black Rhinestone Art Deco Necklace – $49.00

3) 1920’s Lace Flapper Drop Waist Dress in Gold and Black – $450.00

4) 1920’s Sequinned Flapper Lace Dress – $1,500.00

5) Vintage White and Gold Art Deco Dress – $110.00

6) 1980’s Sheer Sequin Black Gold Art Deco Dress – $90.00

7) 1980’s Art Deco Draped Sequins Chevron Trophy Disco Dress – $54.00

8) 1980’s Blue and Silver Flapper Style Sequin Scalloped Art Deco Blouse – $59.99

9) 1980’s Deco Flapper Beaded Trophy Party Dress – $195.00

10) Russian Ballet Beaded Evening Gown – $1,350.00

11) 1920’s Art Deco Brass Triangle Necklace – $140.00

12) 1970’s Silk Gold Deep V Sequinned Dress – Auction (current price $88.99)

13) 1990’s Metallic Triangle Draped Cocoon Dress – $37.00

14) 1970’s Nude Sheer Sequin Art Deco Beaded Dress – Auction (current price $111.55)



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