Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil. Stew on that alarming fact for a second. So it makes sense that more and more designers are adapting a more conscious ethos, making environmentally aware changes to their sourcing methods and production procedures. Newcomer AMUR is another exciting label to enter the sustainable fashion scene. After years of working in the fashion industry, AMUR creative director and designer Sofia Shannon experienced a personal shift in the way she approached her own lifestyle, whether it came to beauty, fashion or food. This higher level of consciousness was the inspiration behind the brand, which stands for A Mindful Use of Resources. The environmental and ethical impact of each step of the design process is considered, like the origin of raw materials, the energy saving practices of fabric mills, and the treatment of the people behind the manufacturing process. Sofia has even gone as far as working with yarn suppliers to develop a new material, made from recycled plastic bottles, to create a more eco-friendly version of traditional, virgin polyester lace. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is. And we haven’t even talked about the gorgeous designs yet. Über feminine and dramatic ruffles, scallops and pleats adorn floral-printed, statin crop tops, high-low midi lace skirts and embroidered hemp linen dresses. Granola, what?!

(AMUR clothing available here; $198 – $998)