35 Bang Styles for Long Hair

1. Thin Bangs for Long Straight Hair

Thin Bangs for Long Hair


2. Kourtney Kardashian Long Hairstyle with Bangs and Highlights

Kourtney Kardashian Long Bangs Hairstyles

3. Long Red Straight Hair and Bangs

Long Red Hair and Bangs


4. Long Side Bangs with Bun Hairstyle

Long Side Bang Hairstyles


5. Long Ombre Hair with Blunt Bangs

Long Hair with Blunt Bangs Styles


6. Kourtney Kardashian Brown Hair with Bangs

Kourtney Kardashian Hair with Bangs

7. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Very Short Bangs

Long Hair with Very Short Bangs


8. Dyed Blonde Hair with Side Long Bangs

Dye Hair Blonde with Side Bangs


9. Edgy Long Hairstyle with Thick Bangs

Edgy Long Hairstyles


10. Best Messy Hair with Full Bangs

Best Messy Hair Bangs


11. Cute Korean Brown Hairstyle with Bangs

Cute Korean Hairstyles with Bangs


12. Jennifer Love Hewitt Long Hair with Side Bangs

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hair with Side Bangs

13. Lisa Rouchet Dark Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Lisa Rouchet Hairstyles

14. Rihanna Straight Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Rihanna Long Layered Hair with Bangs

15. Dark Caramel Wavy Hair Color and Bangs

Dark Caramel Hair Color and Bangs


16. Ashlee Simpson Red Hair with Bangs

Ashlee Simpson Hair with Bangs

17. Dark Long Wavy Hair with Side Bangs Styles

Dark Long Hair with Side Bangs Styles


18. Brunette Bangs with Long Ombre Hairstyle

Brunette Bangs for Long Hairstyles


19. Light Brown Straight Hair with Thin Bangs

Light Brown Hair with Thin Bangs


20. Celebrity Hairstyle with Fine Bangs

Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs

21. Celeb Layered Long Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Celeb Layered Long Hair Side Bangs

22. Grunge Blonde Long Hair with Bangs

Grunge Blonde Hair Bangs

23. Dark Black Long Hair with Bangs

Dark Black Hair with Bangs


24. Kate Moss Straight Hair with Bangs

Kate Moss Hair Bang

25. Half Up Wavy Hair with Side Straight Bangs

Half Up Hair with Side Straight Bangs


26. Brown 60s Hair Fringe with Ponytail

Brown 60s Hair Fringe

27. Cameron Richardson Long Wavy Hair Cut with Bangs

Cameron Richardson Long Wavy Cut with Bangs

28. Straigth Bangs with Ginger Curly Hair

Straigth Bangs Curly Hair


29. Best Brunette Blonde Thick Hair with Layered Bangs

Best Brunette Blonde Hair with Layered Bangs


30. Cara Delevingn Ashy Blonde Long Hairstyle

Cara Delevingn Hairstyle

31. Straight Chestnut Hair Color with Easy Bangs

Chestnut Hair Colors with Easy Bangs

32. Best Long Wavy Ombre Hair with Fringe Bangs

Best Long Wavy Hair with Fringe Bangs


33. Hannah Simone Long Wavy Hair

Hannah Simone Long Hair

34. Lovely Japanese Wavy Cute Hairstyle

Lovely Japanese Wavy Cute Hair


35. Best Ginger Thin Long Hair with Bangs

Best Thin Long Hair with Bangs


35 Bang Styles for Long Hair

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