15+ Cuts for Wavy Hair

Super long hair with magical waves… What more do you need to look seductive? Long wavy hair is all the rage right now, so grab your curling iron or deep waver to create some fun styles that look perfect for any season! Achieving excellent waves doesn’t have to be hard. It all comes down to your haircut. Too many layers can make the hair look too round and too voluminous, while none at all can make it appear boxy. The key is knowing what long cut is right for this hair type – and then you, too, will have a red carpet-worthy style. Here, we have compiled a list of top 15+ Cuts for Wavy Hair. These are sure to influence as well as inspire you from all appearances.

1. Fine Wavy Hair with Bangs

Blunt Bangs Wavy Hair

2. Long Hairstyle with Wavy Hair

Best Hairstyles with Wavy Hair

3. Very Long V Haircut Style for Wavy Hair

V Haircut Styles for Wavy Hair

4. Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Best Cuts for Wavy Hair

5. Cute Wavy Mid Length Haircut

Cute Wavy Haircuts

6. Modern Medium Hairstyle with Wavy Hair

Modern Hairstyles with Wavy Hair Types

7. Long Blonde Haircut Style for Soft Wavy Hair

Long Haircut Styles for Soft Wavy Hair

8. Trendy Long Choppy Cut for Wavy Hair

Best Trendy Cuts for Wavy Hair

9. Very Long Ombre Cut for Wavy Hair

Stylish Very Long Cuts for Wavy Hair

10. Curly Wavy Long Hair

Best Cuts for Curly Wavy Hair


11. Nice Blonde Cut for Beachy Wavy Hair

Nice Cuts for Beachy Wavy Hair

12. Long Ombre Wavy Hair

Cuts for Ombre Wavy Hair Styles

13. Carey Mulligan Soft Wavy Haircut

Soft Wavy Haircuts

14. Wavy Brown Hair with Side Bangs

Best Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

15. Wavy Dark Brown Long Hair Back View

Wavy Dark Brown Long Hair


16. Wavy Super Long Ombre Hair

Wavy Super Long Hairstyles

15+ Cuts for Wavy Hair

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